March 23, 2019

Emmanuel United Methodist Church

We create a loving, nurturing environment that reflects God’s love during children’s early development.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

We offer group learning opportunities to build a solid moral and spiritual foundation and help children to know and feel God’s love as they connect with their church family.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

 We provide an opportunity for kids to experience God’s family in their age-appropriate life groups and then learn to praise God in the energy-filled large group worship time.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

We work to help adolescents (6th – 8th grade) see that their identity is rooted firmly in Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

We strive to develop teens (9th-12th grade) that take personal responsibility for their faith and are actively living it out in their classrooms, homes, and community.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO