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Upward Season 2017-2018

Upward Basketball and Cheer is a sports ministry for young athletes to discover and refine their athletic skills while cultivating a passion for the sport. Through age-appropriate team play, athletes begin to build positive character traits that will allow them to encourage, strengthen, and motivate themselves and their fellow teammates. As they learn and follow game rules, young athletes will also learn the value of sportsmanship with a healthy competitive spirit.


Kindergarten  –  6th grade         Boys and Girls Leagues

EARLY  Registration until  October 9            $100

After October 9    –    November 7                  $120


How to Register:

Important Dates:

  • Evaluations:             November 8    6:00 pm – 8:30 pm               Enter door 6
  • Late Evaluations:    November 17   5:30 pm – 7:00 pm*             November 8 is preferred.
  • Practices:                  Begin week of December
  • Games:                      Begin  January 12/13, 2018



Email League Director, Jason Vernon.  email