September 30, 2013

Faith Promise Giving

What is Faith Promise Giving?

Here is the premise: God will provide through us for local and global evangelization what God might not normally provide to us for our own use.  We believe

Here is the promise:

Here is the prayer:

Here is the proof:

Here is the process:

Dear Emmanuel (EUMC) Friends and Family:

Reaching our world and community is a central part of our mission statement at Emmanuel.  It states that we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the purpose of transforming our world.  We believe this so wholeheartedly that our vision statement challenges every person to live it our in his or her life, or in other words, “Each One Reach One.”  Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the needs in our community or the even more desperate situations in our world.  I challenge you to get started by reaching out to one person in your neighborhood, workplace, school, or community.  You may be surprised to see that one person grow to two.  Before long, you might find yourself desiring to connect in efforts that make an even greater impact.

One way to get involved with Emmanuel’s efforts to reach our world is through our Faith Promise program.  Each year, we ask you to pray and consider what God might ask you to give above your regular giving to support missionaries in our local and global communities as well as around the world.

Faith Promise contributions are also used throughout the year to provide relief to members of our community.

Let’s lean in and listen to the Lord’s last words to us while here on earth, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Let’s seek how God wants to use each one of us as we listen to His call.  Let’s seek how God wants to use each one of us as we listen to His call.  And finally, let’s respond by taking our next step.

In His Grip,

Pastor Steve Walker